Every year, the Calabrian coast is home to a strange ritual: dozens of rabbis, combing orchards of lemon-like fruit in the hunt for the perfect etrog.

The Icarians thought they could build a paradise, but their project was marked by failure almost from the start.

Arquà Petrarca is known as the final resting place of a Renaissance patriarch – and the source of a fabled liquor whose name means "to live in bliss", made from the jujube fruit.

PODCAST: The World's First Italian Coffee Bean (America's Test Kitchen)

Despite its rich coffee and cafe culture, Italy does not produce its own coffee beans. One man is trying to change that, against all odds.

A feature report for National Geographic gathering the voices of Indigenous trappers from across northern Canada, complicating the picture of anti-fur advocacy by exploring who it impacts most.

Funded by the Pulitzer Center, an in-depth report into Finland's increasingly charged debate over who should be considered Indigenous, and its impacts on the country's tiny Sámi minority.

Amid a panicked rush to revive civil defense infrastructure following the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, I explored what happened to Europe's once-formidable networks of Cold War-era defenses.

An oral account of the rise and fall of a local landmark in one of Canada's smallest cities records a never-before-told microhistory that reflects the story of urban shopping across the country.

Following the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, I connected with Sámi Indigenous advocates on either side of the Russia-Finnish border to explore how they were impacted by the sudden interruption of relations that had only recently been renewed.

Co-produced as a multimedia feature and TV documentary with Inuit broadcaster Sarah Leonardis, this piece records Inuktitut oral histories of a lost landmark for the first time, telling the story of an Arctic Indigenous community's transformation by Christianity and colonialism.

A four-part investigative series that dived into the heart of one of Canada's most powerful monopolies: Northview REIT, which controls as much as 4 in every 5 rental units in Northern Canada. Co-reported with Sidney Cohen.

Complicating the narrative of heroic volunteerism and public spiritedness, this misanthropic feature exposed how anonymous tip-lines and public health reporting led thousands of northerners to make false and inflated accusations of vulnerable residents, close friends, and even family.

As the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, reckoned with the fallout of a high-profile 2017 white supremacist rally that occurred in its centre, I wrote this feature to expose a blind-spot in the community's anti-racism — its absolute ignorance of Indigenous people and their issues.

One of my first features, reported while still a student journalist in Istanbul, Turkey, during the historic Gezi Park Protests. Featuring original photography of the protests.